Client Testimonials

The following quotations were obtained from workshop evaluation forms.

Compton College

Very effective training that should be repeated in each department - a must!!!

The entire construct was valuable and truly instructional. I am now excited about revamping my teaching approach and beginning instant implementation.

Susan led an excellent, focused, structured, and results-oriented workshop.

East Los Angeles College

Thank you for your brilliant guidance through this  important process, a momentous effort that will truly help our students and our faculty. 

It wasn’t until the workshop this week that we finally got what we all needed – core professional training upon which all other sessions could follow.

The presenter was excellent; I learned a lot. She valued each of our comments.

I marvel at Susan’s ability to coach us, stay on task, and model good teaching practices; this could change the way we teach, and, more importantly, how students learn.

El Camino College

This presentation should be given to all faculty. We need to hear these ideas over  and over again, so please repeat this workshop. 

This information will be very useful.

She is awesome, and all of our instructors need her training for an entire day to improve retention and student success.

California State University, Dominguez Hills

I’ve attended professional development seminars before, but this has been the most constructive, by far, because the agenda was very specific.

Classroom management skills are basic to all other improvements in my teaching methods. I really appreciate this valuable opportunity to increase my skills!

The lesson and unit planning templates will really force me to work through how to present the material and determine where I can employ the interactive techniques that we learned.

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