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I collaboratively plan and facilitate custom-tailored professional development opportunities for instructors and administrators within
local Southern California community colleges and universities. 
Many instructors with advanced degrees report that their preparation did not include any methodology related to how to effectively help students understand the important conceptual and procedural knowledge base of their particular subject field. 

All workshops are designed to model research-based best practice strategies in order to increase the ease with which instructors can transfer those strategies to their own instruction. Learning packets contain power-point note-taking guides with articles relevant to the workshop topics and are intended to serve as an ongoing resource. 

Workshop sessions are highly structured, interactive, and practical with participants actively involved throughout each session. Listed below are the statements that form the underlying rationale and theoretical foundation for all content, tasks, and materials presented at each of the professional development sessions.

All students deserve access to critical conceptual and procedural knowledge.

Students learn when actively engaged throughout the instructional process.

Learning transfers to new contexts when content is meaningful to students.

Outcomes with evaluation criteria need to be shared in advance with students.

Opportunities for guided practice are required prior to summative assessment.

Critical thinking is supported by clearly structured and modeled assignments.

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